This page has taken over from the numerous reviews I was writing.

I’ll just list films, with a blurb.

jiro dream of sushi – 18 november 2012 – inspirational tale of the world’s greatest sushi chef

the band’s visit – 10 november 2012 – awesome, sleepy and insightful film.

the informant – 20 september 2012 – interesting twist. otherwise, so-so.

coco chanel and igor stravinsky – 8 september 2012 – boring.

frost/nixon – 1 september 2012 – pretty interesting of the famous frost/nixon interview. enjoyable and engaging.

the lorax – 19 august 2012 – awesome family entertainment.

good night and good luck – 18 august 2012 – awesome commentary on mccarthyism and of course on the war on terror. cluny is a very good writer.

code46 – 15 august 2012 – pretty sure i’ve seen this before. an investigator for a company takes a specific interest in a suspect, with a romantic outcome.

primer – 29 july 2012 – incredibly hard to follow, but nonetheless interesting tale. i couldn’t help but think it needed a better writer to sort out the “explaining physics to dummies angle”

the fantastic mr fox – 20 july 2012 – a heartwarming tale, and awesome animation.

attack the block – 16 july 2012 – some young thugs have to rescue the world from and alien invasion. awesome.

marilyn – 14 july 2012 – tale of a young man seduced by marilyn.

a royal affair – 8 july 2012 – a slow but engaging tale of the machinations of C18th danmark. interesting from a historical perspective.

moon – 5 july 2012 – clever tale of a moon mining mission. the main character is isolated, and thinks he’s losing his mind.

iron sky – 14 june 2012 – not too bad. had a few chuckles

in time – 13 may 2012 – interesting film, with heavily political overtones.

the avengers – 3 may 2012 – awesome. that is all.

after midnight in paris – 24 march 2012 – total schtinker. badly acted, awful script, unlikeable characters and ridiculous premise.

robin hood – 12 february 2012 – the russell crowe version. holy crap this was awful. worse, we got the director’s cut, which added unnecessary minutes to our agony.

vatel – 22 january 12- english costume drama set in court of the Sun King. interesting. love story and very good criticism of the aristocracy

helvetica – 10 january 2012 – interesting. not riveting.

hanna- 6 january 2012 – good action flick, but ultimately a little predictable.

x-men: first class -31 december 2011 – actually kind of dull.

battle: los angeles – 30 december 2011 – surprisingly awesome. just like the label says, a battle in los angeles. i thought i represented war pretty well.

cowboys vs aliens – 29 december 2011 – awesome. just like the label said, you have your cowboys fighting your aliens.

the rise of the planet of the apes – 28 december 2011 – good film. better than the one with marky mark

green lantern – 28 december 2011 – big fun. not a blockbuster and too obviously the start of a series, but…

oranges and sunshine – 17 december 2011 – sad tale of the experiences of deportee children to australia, any of whom where psychologically and/or sexually abused. i’d heard the tales while in australia, but this was the first time i’d seen the story told. the old question popped up for me – if they’d do this to white children, what were these men doing to aboriginals?

contagion – 17 november 2011 – an actual film in an actual cinema! enjoyable. an insight into the human condition and the rapid breakdown of our vastly interdependent society in the wrong kind of crisis.

agora – 13 november 2011 – in a dying empire reason is represented by a woman breaking with dogma in a patriarchical society. it’s a pretty good film.

gentlemen bronco – 11 november 2011 – interesting film by the director of Napoleon Dynamite. very familiar. tehe antagonist might have been modelled on tom beard.

WALL-e – 19 october 2011 – watched this one with the wee man. great film.

restrepo – 19 september 2011 – awesome documentary following a platoon on an outpost in afghanistan. a must-see

black swan – 28 august 2011 – slightly tedious psychodrama. with gay ballerina.

source code – 13 august 2011 – scifi. jake g wakes up in a capsule, has to save the world. not too bad, but some serious plot holes.

crossing the line – 6 august 2011 – last american defector to north korea tells his story. i fell asleep.

exit through the gift shop – 30 july 2011 – “banksy documentary” hilarious.

never let me go – 16 july 2011 – awesome sci-fi. three clones are brought up in a home for children who become “donors” and give their organs to the aging british population.

the kings speech – 1 july 2011 – nice film rush is excellent. although, second chef pointed out that the film is basically the same thing happening three times (the king throwing his toys out of the cot).

glorious 39 – 7 may 2011 – slightly weird film set in ’39 and the eve of the second world war. an aristo family is implicated in the drive to appease hitler and thereby avoid war.

venus – 2 april 2011 – i was dubious at first, but peter o’toole was great in this subtle and charming film. the creepiness ratchets up to 11, but the end result is a great film.

up in the air – 27 march 2011 – enjoyable clooney flick. found myself relating to the characters and might even recommend this one!

splice – 21 march 2011 – creepy scifi. a couple create a mixed-gene child in a modern-day frankenstein flick. you can see where this is going.

greenman – 20 march 2011 – an indy and very weird “romcom”. but not like you’d expect. i’m still thinking about it though, so it can’t be all bad.

centurion – 19 march 2011 – sword and sandal. rest is as you’d expect.

bright star – 21 nov 2010 – not too shabby. abbie does act well.

crazy heart – october 2010 – nice. even bought the soundtrack

the hurt locker – october – this was fun.

the strength of water – 5 june 2010 – simple and small new zealand story. a tragedy exposes characters in a small northland town. not too bad really.

we were soldiers – 13 may 2010 – bloody awful schmaltz.

the road – 13 may 2010 – i think this deserves an actual blog post.

julie and julia – 1 may 2010 – a light, funny little film. good fun, and inspired me to cook a little more (again)

avatar – 29 april 2010 – so, so awful. looked pretty but.

sherlock holmes – 6 january 2010. when it rains it pours. this was a great laugh, great fun, and looked awful pretty too. downside? the women in it can’t act. which may have ben intentional.

zombieland – 4 january 2010.

district 9 – 23 august 2009 – pretty damn awesome.

star trek – 7 may 2009.

the watchmen – 14 march 2009 – been a long time between drinks of water. a great little film, of a graphic novel i’ve never read. really enjoyable but.

hallam foe – 31 december 2008 – a delightful and quirky scots black comedy. hallam is not recovering from his mother’s death, and is searches for evidence by spying on people. crazy, crazy days.

coversations with my gardener – 25 november 2008 – another family film, this time french. a painter retires to his family villa, and there meets an old friend. a tale about the wisdom of simplicity, friendship, and the small things mattering at the end.

hula girls – 24 november 2008 – very much a family film, hula girls is based on a true story. a japanese coal-mining town is facing closure, but is saved by the formation of a troop of hula dancers. a touching, well written drama with plenty of laughs, the usual characters, and a little morality.

after the wedding – 23 november 2008 – a great danish film. a bloke running a food programme for homeless kids in india is summoned to rich benefactor back home. there his old life confronts him, unexpectedly. yet another solid outing from the danish.

quantum of solace – 21 november 2008

the darjeeling limited – 16 november 2008 – a wacky, quirky, and wonderful  little film by the makers of the royal tenenbaums, and the life aquatic, two films i love. this film is very much in the same vein, exploring themes of family, distance, and the shallowness relations can assume. but, all done irreverently and, let’s admit it, crazily. downside? owen wilson.

dan in real life – 7 november 2008 – a highly enjoyable, yet cutesy romantic comedy. there’s something for all the family in this one. widower takes daughters to the hamptons for a holiday and meets a new woman. trouble is, she’s dating his brother… what will happen!

in bruges – 7 november 2008

the rain of the children – 31 october 2008

how to lose friends and alienate people – 26 october 2008 – yet another formulaic romantic comedy. so… how many of these damn things do you think they can make? did have some actual laugh out loud moments though. just too few to mention.

the duchess – 5 october 2008 – meh. a sumptuous film but ultimately a bit of a slow day at the office. the story had a lot of subtly, but at the end of the day exactly how many films can we make about aristocracy and self-sacrifice for society?

the happening – 10 September 2008 – a stinker wrapped in a great stinking stinker. god this was an awful film, not helped at all by some of the most god-awful acting i have ever seen from mark walhberg. i swear, someone needs to take out a court order to prevent this guy ever acting as anything but a vacuous pron star…

forgetting sarah marshall – 3 september 2008 – i actually really enjoyed this film. it was predictable ‘movies by numbers’, but had a few genuine laughs.

hellboy 2 – 31 august 2008 – a fun film that refuses to take itself seriously. great special effects not because of what they are, but because the amount of imagination in them. recommended for a non-intellectual evening.

the clone wars – 24 August 2008 – these films will be awful until lucas stops writing the damn things…

apron strings – 17 August 2008

superbad – 16 August 2008 – completely hilarious boyish humour. i totally remember being this drunk, awkward and full of bullshit. these guys were far more gay than me but.

the promise – 8 August 2008

casablanca – 24 July 2008 – still a classic. has the best script ever.

hancock – 17 July 2008 – and enjoyable a light romp through the world of superheroes. the good news is that it doesn’t follow like it used to be a comic book, which is always a pleasant change when dealing with hollywod tosh.

prince caspian – 19 June 2008 – annoyingly full of smart-arsed toffs. otherwise? full of plot holes you could drive a bus through. nice cgi but.

the motorcycle diaries – 11 June 2008 – a pretentious attempt to mythologise che guevara. full of contrived poignancy, and che looking wistful and respectfully virginal. in all in all? just. plain. boring.

21 – 2 June 2008 – An ever-so-slightly predictable story well-aimed at its “smart-guy” university student audience. In offensive.

Lars and the Real Girl – 29 May 2008 – A heart-warming story of a guy experiencing “some difficulty” adjusting to real life. So, to compensate, he gets himself a silicon girlfriend, and it’s not seedy! This film was a delight, if not a little rose-tinted.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 23 May 2008 – On the dull side, and the leading lady can’t act at all. The film tries to recreate all the old fun that was the original trilogy, but once again just goes to show, there’s no going back.

Ironman – 18 May 2008 – Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Hunting and Gathering – 25 April 2008 – A lovely film based around a set of loners who find that together they’re a greater whole. Sounds cheesy, but is done with considerable charm. Deliberately leaves small holes in the character development, and ends (as expected) on a high note.

Two Days in Paris – The should have called this “Couple Squabbles in Paris”. It’s an interesting film, but too Allenesque. Enjoyed the characters, but was unusually annoyed by the male lead. Could there be a more whiney person anywhere?

No Country for Old Men – 21 March 2008 – Simply fantastic. I loved everything about this film. The best the Coen Brothers have ever made, and I’m glad to see a return to their South Western roots.


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