Well, after a number of days of faffing around with Ubuntu I remain unconvinced. While it definitely boots faster, there is nothing it does that someone with my level of linux skills can exploit. And at times even simple things like installing updates or software will require me to go to google, have a read of a half-dozen poorly written and unclear sites, return to the application I’m working on, fail at least once, and then back to the sites.

Furthermore, it doesn’t adequately support a some of my hardware. Most annoyingly, the brand-new hardware I bought just before I shifted over. Some business-as-usual internet activity, like watching video, is jerky and will drop out. The ability to control sound is limited, and things often skew between audible and a whisper.

Now all these things are stuff that I could fix if I had both the time and inclination to learn how. But I’m a busy man. As it is I’ve barely blogged for days because I’m spending all my time faffing and reading stuff. And don’t get me started on trying to run any Windows software. Because I’ve been unable to get anything at all to run I can’t offer a comparison in performance between the two platforms.

So all that installing unbuntu has done is pushed me towards using this box less usefully, basically as an internet reader, and making me think I might just go ahead and buy that Mac I’ve had my eye on.