Of all the pictures in the Cooking Class there were two that stayed with me. The first was the brandy snaps. I still have a soft spot for them despite knowing they’re basically just cream wrapped in sugar (what’s not to like, right?). The other was the waffles. The shot is a waffle being smothered in what looks like a caramel sauce.

So, after a little hunting about on TradeMe I snaffled a waffle iron, and set to!

The first hurdle was that it was a little after 630am. The second that Second Chef was in the shower.

So, you like, make some batter, then put it into the waffle iron.

The outcome was pretty good. Above is one of the first. Once we got the temperature right they were golden brown and delicious.

Wish I could tell you more. Maybe I’d better use this as an excuse and we can have them for dessert one night.