A recent post on Public Address had someone comment that they thought I should be putting up foodie posts to the new blog Russell is setting up. Well, for reasons, I’m unlikely to be invited, but I mentioned that I might be encouraged to start posting here again in the old “How to” series of cooking.

And because serendipity is what it is, this morning at David White on Able Smith St Second Chef uncovered this:

This is the cover of a cookbook we once owned in Mount Maungaui. I remember frequently opening it and wishing we had the means to afford half the things this book said we could make. The How-To series is in point of fact modelled on the pictures contained in this book, and much of my cooking history has been an effort to learn how to make recipes I remember drooling over. And yes, this does count as Food Prn.

And so now, because I am older, wiser, and more financially able, I will proceed to cook every single recipe in this book, and post them for you right here – a la Julie and Julia.

So you’d best be prepared for exotic dishes from the mid-1980s including:

“Chinese Fish”


“Rum-Caramel Pineapple”

and “Chips”.

Strap yourself in!