Since Christchurch there has been a hell of  lot to do around here, and that has done a heck of a lot to stop me being able to commit my scant available time to blogging.

Here’s what I’ve been up to though.

Growing MASSIVE amounts of coriander

Growing some nice lettuces. The wooden trellising is working really well to protect the softer plants from the Northerly winds. We can get gale force cross winds and not lose all our above-ground vegetables.

We’re just finishing the last of the lettuces now. Currently have some kale in, and experimenting with brassica and the trellis. Next spring, she’ll be all go.

Painted the Great Wall of Newlands (with invaluable help from Second Chef and Chef Du Plunge).

Installed 2000 litres of tank water. It’s on a low skid, so can’t be rocked to bits by a quake, and holds enough water for weeks and weeks. Am considering plumbing it into the washing machine.

The next thing is to spray-paint them black, and build a fence around them to block them from sight. They’re not pretty things.

Built the garden shed. We keep shovels and handy stuff in here, but will also get round to putting some dried food, tins of stuff and the like in there for the ‘just in case’ scenario.

It has since gained a floor and door, of course. And the neighbour has gone home.

As I say, she’s been a busy old time here in Wellington.