It’s been busy busy busy here at Newlands Manor, what with the little man getting tonsillitis, keeping up with work, and generally doing stuff non-stop. I think what I’ve discovered about parenting is that the mark of a decent parent seems to be the ability to never, ever stop working. No matter how much you’d like to just take a tiny bit of time off, you just have to keep plugging away day in and day out to keep the household ticking over.

And it’s exhausting. But rewarding.

On the good news front there continues to be progress in the garden. A friend gave us anothe feijoa, so hopefully one or both trees will fruit this or next year. I’ve put in a blackcurrant bush, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows. I finally demolished and removed the weird toilet sitting near the back door. We’ve put in some more bordering trees, and the vege garden is coming along well (thus far we have bok choy, broccoli, spinach and garlic. soon there will be potatoes and beetroot). Meanwhile, I almost took down the neighbours phone line trimming huge branches off trees.

garden doing well, though it's hard to see the plants past the mulches!

On the downside, we attended the J’Ville playcentre gala today and it was a disaster. Chef Du Plunge was determined to get onto the bouncy castle they had set up, and after a bit of fuss getting gumboots off and the like in he went.

What we didn’t know was how completely hopelessly organised the place was. More and more kids kept piling into the castle, some of them as old as five or six, and it was like a toddler riot in there. I was watching carefully, and the wee man was mostly ok. But. The idiots running the show hadn’t secured the castle. This meant it was slipping backwards towards it’s compressor, and the feeder piping was kinking, meaning the castle was slowly deflating. The next result was obvious, kids began to pile up in the middle Simpsonesque style, and our lad was under the whole pile. The older kids are still going hard out though, and jumping up and down on the toddlers, none of whom could move. Trouble was, none of the adults could see into the castle. Second Chef could see through a side window, but couldn’t get to him because of some safety meshing. Irony much?

The result was that I had to launch myself onto the castle, and commando-crawl over to a heap of screaming, petrified toddlers, reach in, and haul Chef out by his jumper. And all the while fending off leaping and jumping sugar-hyped primary children.

Not fun. Let’s just say I waited to the event had died down a little, went back, and provided some “robust advice” to the munters running the show. Needless to say, they were mortified to find out. Apparently the person responsible had kept it all pretty quiet.

Anywho… a couple of weeks ago we were at Bunnings buying a tree saw (the one I used today to almost electrocute myself), and they had a sale on. The result was this:

Awesome. And it was a song. Once assembled it looks like this:

I cheered the Chef by BBQing some lamb from the Riverside Market in the Hutt. Extremely, extremely delicious. I also BBQ’d chicken for dinner. Am looking for decent recipes to make breakfast on it.