July 2010

This one makes bread for us.


Last Sunday the weather was decent enough to be able to get out and attend to this specimen.
What we have here is a poor peach tree being choked by a lot of grass, and generally in a not-so-favourable spot. I’m not at all convinced I’ll be able to save it, but I do want to prepare the spot should I put something else here. A lemon tree would be pretty nice, for example.

The intention is to dig out all the grass around it, box up the surrounds, put in some compost and other material to make the soil friable, and all on a budget. Luckily, this property seems to still have quite a bit of stuff I can recycle into use in the garden.

And here’s the site. You can see a brick path I’ll eventually dig in (scored all these free from a neighbour who was giving them away!), the tree, and the retaining wall to one side. Above the plant is a grassy patch I’m eventually going to plant in shrubs to baffle the north-south winds a little. There will be edging running just in front of the lawnmower to the corner of where I’m going to put the boxing in. And, there in the front of the shot are two bricks found in the basement. They’ll form my base.

It’s actually hard to see in this shot, but I’ve dug out around the tree, but only to where it’s small feeder roots start to become apparent. I put all the soil into the wheelbarrow, and mixed it with some cheap compost I got from the Boy Scouts ($5 for 25ltrs!). I then back-filled the space around the plant, hoping that the new soil will allow the feeder roots to expand out, and the tree to establish itself properly.

The walls making up the boxing are essentially; off-cuts of some work we had done reinforcing the basement (it needed better earthquake proofing), some red bricks I found up behind the compost bins, and assorted old masonry discarded around the garden.

And there you go. It’s very much the average job, mostly because I’m not settled on this purpose for this part of the site. But if the peach really takes off then I’m firm up the brickwork and remove the bits of timber to somewhere else they’re needed. When I can rustle up som cash I’ll start mulching this as well.

Could turn out to be a good little producer. Time will tell.


Noticed stuck to the inside of the broom closet. (Probably since the 60s!)

here's hoping they're tasty at very least...

here’s hoping they’re at least tasty