We have ongoing progress in the vege gardens. In particular, the ‘organic’ approach I’m taking seems to be working well – although the extremely mild weather we’ve have prior to this week seems to have helped.

The beginners garden, with accompanying crops

The first photo shows the beginners garden, and the potatoes have really taken off. They’re planted too close together, so I’m ignoring furrowing properly, and will harrow the lot come August. You can also see that the rye grass has done pretty well.

Rye grass turned under

I’ve turned the rye grass under, and have sown a lot of mustard seeds on the same patch, come August I’ll turn that under before putting garlic in this section of the garden.

And finally, the upper garden has had it’s final treatment. The fertiliser and soil conditioners have had a week or so to mellow, and I added a wheelbarrow of compost mixed the remnants of my peat moss. On top of that was added some lupin seeds, and yet more mustard seed. In August (the magical month it seems) this whole section will be turned over to potatoes.

The Upper Garden

Over the the right of the garden is a bunch of pavers someone was giving away! Win! Saved us at least $100 by grabbing these and carting them around to here. My next project for this part of the property is sinking those in.

And last but not least, coriander!

Coriander Seedlings

These little guys are destined to be the main ingredient in a curry!

A good couple of weeks. Now to see how the garden handles this cold snap.

Time will tell.