Here we have swimmer crab with caramelised onions served on grilled eggplants, side salad of summer produce (and basalmic vinegar), and some plain couscous.

And it feels like we’re getting back to normal. Things have been pretty up in the air in the last few months, but they’re settling down again. Now that Chef Du Plunge is more independent and able to boodle about doing his own thing there is less hands-on care, and Dad can spend some time poaching crabs in a court bouillon, shelling them, and cooking himself and Second Chef a dinner that isn’t spag bowl or grilled cheese on toast.

Not that there is anything wrong with either of those two options!

We bought these crabs live at the riverside markets in the Hutt, and my goodness they were delicious. Next time I’ll run a photo series on shelling and cleaning them.

But until then!