Well, she’s been a long, long year. Wellington proved her reputation as a fickle mistress, and we wrapped up and nested for the better part of it all.

But that Winter made sure we had to work harder to keep ourselves head above proverbial water, and it’s all been worth it. Chef du Plunge is walking, is as friendly as you could ask, and is a great kid.

Getting that has been a sacrifice though. We gave up a lot to make sure we were putting our energy into giving this little guy the best start in life we possibly could. And for to mark that year in song, I give you Gillian Welsh.

Like she says, we cannot have all the things that please us.

And to complement that, it has been a long, long year of the occasional night up with Falling, Folding Leaves of Paper. With luck I should have that project finished once and for all this year. But to mark the progress, there is this: