What I’m finding most galling at the minute is the extreme levels of hypocrisy surrounding any discussion of climate change. Between outright deniers of poor intellect who cannot understand science, politically-motivated deniers who see that it is insane to continue to burn fossil fuels but do so in order to maintain their primary interest – themselves in the manner – and climate change opponents who often go to extreme lengths of make an arse of themselves and those around them, I have become highly cynical.

Worse, I think we’re all doomed. Climate change is inevitable, and we can only hope that the destruction it wrecks will only destroy civilisations, and not humanity itself (because the planet itself should remain viable for life, unless we really, really screw it up). Out of the wreckage should emerge a smarter humanity. We hope.

Having said we’re doomed, I’m doing my best to ensure that it doesn’t happen. I recycle. I cut back on consumption. I only travel as far as I have to, for work or play. I’m doing what I can to keep my air travel down. I purchase low-CO2 products because the market should be sending signals to the corporations that we aren’t interested in their shit.

You know, I do the “right thing”, and encourage (but do not demand) others to do the same.

I despair though, because self-interest is such that people will gladly see their children’s future pissed away for their own short-term benefit. They will jeopardise everything because they want a little more luxury (even simple things like fruits from out of season and shipped half-way round the world using fossil fuels) and are more interested in their needs than the likelihood that millions will die when the global climate changes everything we know.

So I despair, and wonder what in the hell I can do to make a difference. How I can, one man, change all this? And I gave up.

It’s a 1993 Subaru Legacy GT. Only 186kms on the clock, and two owners, one of whom was an automotive pedant (you know who you are). Plenty of space for a baby-seat in the back, two adults, and the huge amount of gear you need when taking Chef Du Plunge to see Grandma in Tauranga.

It has low-profile tyres, alloys, and a 2ltr, 183kw EJ20H boxer twin-turbo engine. This allows enough power to pass safely on the open road, without having to make risky manoeuvres.

It also has the big fat exhaust and purrs like a very very large kitten. BUT! Does not make the ker-whoosh sound.

I freaking hate that.