My initial impulse after reading a few dozen pages was to put this one back on the shelf, and almost entirely because it is written in a style that can only be described as ‘juvenile’. The book feels very much like it was written for young teens, and involves pirates. What more can you say that that?

The concept of Sun of Suns is pretty interesting though. The universe is “Virga” is in effect a hollow earth, a massive balloon filled with air and elements out in space somewhere. Within this terrarium live a number of nations all competing for space and light, the latter provided by artificial “suns”.

And I found the concept pretty interesting, so stuck with it.

Virga is full of what amount to fan-propelled wooden men-of-war, operating in zero-g, and fighting it out with rockets!

I put aside my doubts, embraced the simplicity of the whole thing, and knocked if off in a couple of nights.