I noted to myself recently that I have a tendency to buy and album and listen the hell out of it. Consequently the music becomes like a scent, and the faintest tones will transport me back to a time and place.

Today’s album is likely what prompted the friend to help make me this mix tape. Back in 1990 I’d started in working in a timber mill, and it was shit. I was working with munters on a big machine that almost took all my fingers off at least once (true), and was saving the meagre wages as hard as possible to get the hell out of dodge.

Meanwhile, I was listening to a crappy old walkman turned up to 11, giving myself the iPod deafness 20 years too early. With this, rocking*, number.

Yup. Crapness.

But I think what it did was start to instil some political consciousness. It had always been there, but this one was another angle on it. And it was better that listening to Metallica…

Now I think of it, there was something of a line from listening to early Midnight Oil, to this, and I therefore feel redeemed.

*not actually rocking