It was such a beautiful mid-winter’s day today I had to get out and document it.

Me, like most Wellingtonians has been exasperated by the awful, near-continuous runs of rainy day lately. So to see people able to actually bare some skin (though in moderation), was blissful. These photos were taken from the City-to-Sea bridge, from where you can get a fairly good view of Te Papa.

What I like about Te Papa fromthis angle is that it looks a lot like a grey ship in profile. The bow arches up, and the stern is stepped. The central part of the building looks like this cargo ship has beached itself, and decamped onto the shoreline bulging with goods.

Which, in a way, is what our ancestors did.

Here’s another photo, in which you can see one of the many pieces of poetry littering the waterfront.

Of course, there is a reason this is so good.

Because that horrible piece of crap the Hikitea isn’t obscuring the view. I’m sure it has fans, but frankly, the waterfront is far nicer without it. Sure. “Historic”. “A wonderful piece of engineering”.

But can’t we park it somewhere else?

Like maybe Petone?