The history of the C17th and C18th are somewhat new to me, so this has been an interesting read. Not an exciting read mind you, so it’s been a long and slow one.

Alden writes an interesting history. Walking a fine line between intolerably pompous and authoritative, he has taken a professorial approach to the American War of Independence, and has not attempted to cast any new or dramatic information into the public sphere, rather, he writes as even-handedly as possible. So, despite this book being written in 1964 and therefore containing some highly un-PC attitudes towards races like the Native American (who are often referred to in shorthand as “the Savages”), it doesn’t fall into the trap of characterising the British as evil, and the Patriots as virtuous.

All in all, I learned a fair bit about the nature of conflict during this era, while also uncovering a reasonable degree of insight into the origins of the Revolution.

A decent read.