You know, I kind of want to categorise this as science fiction, but it’s more like fantasy? The Scar is an interesting cross-over between the two, while also being somewhat steampunk. Set in the same fictional world as Perdido Street Station, The Scar centres on a young woman who flees the persecution of the New Crubuzon and is subsequently captured by… pirates! They remove her and the crew of her ship to a floating city called Armada, where we meet the dastardly, varied, and nefarious population.

As imagination goes, this is a goodie. Mieville does cityscape novel pretty well, and while The Scar appears to merely trade one type of city for another, it does so gracefully enough that it is neither corny or a laboured point. The novel ticks over nicely, and although weighty at 600 pages it doesn’t really lose it until just about the end.

Yes, the end. Which was… weak. That said, the journey itself is interesting. More interesting than Red Mars for example.

Don’t go looking for literary genius, just get in there and enjoy and extremely well-written read.