Remember there’s that scene in High Fidelity where he’s sorting his music collection, but chronologically? He has to recall when and where he bought an LP, and why?

Back in the 80s (and 90s…) we were doing our best to bankrupt the music industry by copying CDs to tape. I know exactly who I copied these off, in a flat above what was then Charcoal Chicken on the corner of Webb and Cuba Sts, in what must have been 1992. Both the albums were brand new, and we used to play them on an ancient LP/tape player in a dodgy, damn and cold flat in Essex St. Crazy, crazy days. We’d drag the speakers out into the street and turn them up to 11, climb up onto the roof, which was the only place that got sunshine, and do aromatherapeutic mood enhancement exercises.


Tell you what, the neighbours must have really hated us.

But did we care? No.