The last mix tape I found in the tape box I found in the top of the cupboard dates from 1999, conveniently, last millenia!

When I first moved to Melbourne I made the extremely stupid idea of living in a halls of residence, and turned out to be one of the seedy old geezers living in an ocean of freshers. The upside was that the accommodation had cheap bills, and I was on a limited income from a scholarship. The downside was the ocean of freshers continuously running, yelling, puking, running, yelling, puking.

Luckily I was living in a separate dwelling (read: house) with two other “adult students”, and even more luckily there was a raft of other older students in the form of international types in Melbourne to study. A few of us formed a drinking circle that still stays in contact though we’ve long since given up boozing and have settled down to lives of domesticity.

One day while discussing music with a Japanese student she wanted to make me up a tape of “not popular” Japanese music. It turns out that “not popular” translates well into “alternative”. And whaddya know, that’s my favourite kind.

Note the unconventional arrangement of songs on this side of the case liner, with bands on the other side, thusly.

Naturally this made for endless flipping backwards and forwards trying to figure out which track meant which artist.

Ah, what larks.