Dogs is a book of short stories, all of which are set in Texas. Now, if Lake wasn’t brought up in Texas he sure as hell lived there, because through most if not all of the tales I could actually hear a Texas accent, and I could see the mesquite and dirt.

Normally I don’t hold much with collections of short stories. They’re often too disjointed, and more or less demonstrations of an author learning their style and metre. While this is also the case with Dogs, the way in which Lake truly captures the essence of Texas. it’s double-wide trailers and denizens made these stories compelling even when mediocre in content. Likewise I as able to easily forgive shortened or abrupt stories. Ideas that were half-formed and explored in print before being abandoned the way so many short stories are.

All in all, an interesting read ranging from scifi to fantasy to drama, favourites being “The Goat Cutter”, and “Twilight of the Odd” (the latter being the strangest take on Ragnarok I’ve ever read)