Note: Someone elses tacker.

Note: Someone else's tacker.

Around the time we discovered we had Chef Du Plunge on the way people starting asking if we were going to give up our inner city apartment and move to the burbs. We resisted the idea in conversation, arguing that kids all over the world grow up in apartments, and how bad could it be.

Well, five calendar months in and the boy is doing well, he’s a whopping 10.3kg, extremely healthy, and teething – which has involved a lot of sleepness nights lately. Actually, here’s something interesting. He used to grin in this huge, whole face grin like the one pictured. But since his two bottom teeth have come thru his grin has changed into something like a grimace. I’m thinking that he’s trying to copy the way that adults around him smile? Thing is, we’re thinking that this is normal. Because who actually smiles like the wee tacker pictured? Crazy people, that’s who.

Anyhow. The apartment is just starting to get a little too small. It’s ok, because we’re not damp and are very warm. And in Wellington winters that’s all you need. But Second Chef and I are starting to notice that the space needed for three people is just a tiny bit more than for two, and we both think that CDP is likely to be your typically noisy boy.

So, we’re thinking seriously about making the move out to someplace cheaper. I say someplace cheaper because we could move into a three-bedroom apartment in the city, but for some reason the stock of 3-roomers is really low, pushing prices through the room (both to rent and to buy). Plus, Cuba Street isn’t exactly toddler-friendly. If we were closer to the Aro Valley we might be ok sending CDP outside to play, and not have to worry about him being collected by a bus and deposited in Island Bay.

There’s also the fact that any place we move to has to accomodate the cost of transport to and from work. Why pay the same rent only to then pay more for transport? That would effectively increase our costs and drive Frugal Me round the twist.

The trouble is that these considerations limit where we can live. Mt Victoria is too expensive. A three bedroom place there would set up back a fortune, just as it would in Thorndon, or even parts of Mt Cook.

So this leaves the horrifying option of the Hutt, in response to which I would rather stab needles into my ears and bleed to death slowly, or one of the east/west suburbs around Wellington. Kilbirnie is too noisy on account of the airport, and anything east of there is too far from CDP’s grandparents. West of the city is Karori, which is a very real option, along with the cheaper bits of Kelburn and Northland.

Otherwise, we’re looking at someplace in the north like Johnsonville.

The main consideration is distance. What I don’t want to have to do is waste money owning a car, AND paying to go everywhere I used to walk. Plus CDP seems to love being in the out of doors, so the neighbourhood needs to be walkable.

It irks me to have to think seriously about all this. But after talking it over with Second Chef this evening over dinner three words popped into my head and near-completely sold me on the idea.

Fun. Renovation. Projects.

The current idea is that we rent in a suburb for awhile, and maybe buy something cheap and fixable. After all, which Peter Pan doesn’t like to build forts?