Well, the not so wee man is coming along nicely. We had the 5 month Plunket visit yesterday and the nurse was very taken with him, but who wouldn’t be, right?

And he is definitely the bumper crop. Weighting in at a healthy 10.2kg, and 74cm tall (that’s 22.4 pounds and 29.3 inches for those still using the old money), he’s definitely a strapping lad.

After what we thought we initial problems with food, he’s onto the solids, and has taken to it heartily. Thus far:

  • baby rice: likes? check
  • banana: likes? check
  • avocado: likes? maybe
  • kumara: likes? find out tomorrow.

In other news, he has two bottom teeth cutting through today! This is well good news, until he bites someone… Probably Second Chef. And they’re sharp little blighters, bound to hear a yell any day now.

And the fathering experience on average?

I bumped into an old flatmate this evening, and could only say that the experience has been positive. There’s those day when he just yells all the freaking time, but then there’s the time you come home and from work and he just wants to look at you and smile, for minutes on end.

Then he’ll throw up on my shirt or trousers.

All in all, if you and your partner are talking about it, or just thinking it over, just go for it. Even if you think you can’t afford to. It’s worth it.