Great book. I enjoy Stross best when he’s mixing social commentary with his story, and Glasshouse is a good example. Set in what can only be described as Big Brother of the future, the novel centres on a former solider who’s escaping the world into an intended rehab. But… he’s being pursued by unseen enemies who may have followed him in.

Not too bad a premise it seems. It turns out that the glasshouse is question is a experiment in trying to understand social dynamics in a ‘dark age’ of approximately 1950-2050AD, and there we have a series of what are at times extremely funny perceptions of how we currently organise ourselves. In particular, the commentary of TV voyeurism is laid out in the form of a game whereby participants compete to be most authentically C20th. Which leaves us looking at our own behaviour… askance.

I do have one reservation though. Are there any Stross books where he uses something other than first person?