Of the many ugly things around central Wellington. This has got to be one of the worst. A piece of supposedly modern sculpture, it is in fact an assorted pile of whitewashed crap that could easily have been made as a year 10 art project.

It is awful.

It is placed into a plinth that looks like it was “designed” and built by the Masterton borough council.

It is constantly stained yellow from all the nitrates seagulls leave in there, when it is overflowing with bubbles from teenagers putting detergent in there. Seriously teenagers… get over it. That joke was mildly funny inthe 1950s. Now it’s just plain stupid.

What’s worse is that this awful, horrible piece of crap is sitting in a locale that has some of the best views of Wellington features you can imagine. There is fantastic city-sea bridge (which is, apparently, rotting).

And of course the old boat shed, full to the brim with the same snooty brats who won’t let them build a Marae next store.

Naturally, to accompany this wonderful site we has a fountain that constantly looks like someone has taken a whizz on it.

In short, dear City Council, please get rid of this digraceful piece of pottery before the thing really does become a urinal.