April 1 aeh? This makes it four years since I packed up all my things and came back to New Zealand from Melbourne. And I tell you what, she’s been an eventful four years.

One of the negative things about Melbourne was that while I did make a lot of friends over there, they tended to be in the ex-pat community, so people would frequently up and out of the country just as you got to know them well. That, combined with the isolation of study, meant that I wasn’t really getting the full benefit of the city.

I’d like to think the reverse has happened since coming home. A lot of old friendships have been re-established, I’m at least a little closer to family, and the isolation has broken down entirely.

You’d call that a good result.

On top of this is the obvious joy of Second Chef and Chef Du Plunge! Which is, in all likelihood, the kind of comfort I was looking for when I packed up and left Auckland in March 1999.

And speaking of which, the wee man is having a little cry as I type this, so… I’d better shelve the blogging yet again, and head out to get the little guy up, change a nappy, and get him ti his mum for a feed.