As part of the ongoing investigation of my anatomy, and no, that’s not as fun as it sounds, I starved myself yesterday in order to prepare myself for an X-ray of my gut today.

So all I got to eat was blinking chicken broth for lunch and tea. Along with a dry biscuit and lots of fresh water. Awesome… Then to top that off I get to take three pills that have left me at home with “digestional urgency”.

In the good news stakes I got to try out the new base hospital. It’s very flash, and the staff are very nice. They fed me some of a cup of barium solution, which weighted about 1kg in a cup, and then lay me on a big table. The X-ray was “real-time”, meaning they lay me down while they stood in lead suits next to me, looking at snapshots of my puku. None of this running backwards and forwards from a lead-lined room in today’s modern hospitals, no surree bob.

And it turns out that my stomach is on the opposite side! Yay! Also the first part of my intestine, called the duodenum apparently, is all over the shop and not sitting nicely the way it’s supposed to. Apparently neither of things is “bad” per se. The main import is that I can now go to a doctor with better information. You know, so that they don’t diagnose a lower abdominal pain as “constipation”, when it’s actually where my appendix is…

The next thing to find out is whether this contributes to the diagnosis of what’s effected my heart. And, ask a nice Dr. to put Chef Du Plunge on the list to get a similar scan. In childhood these attributes are dangerous, not so much in adulthood.

It appears that’s all she wrote. Now to get my cardiologist interested in doing a little reading, and actually diagnose something, instead of writing numerous prescriptions…