UPDATE! It turns out that this wasn’t a scam. We got the satchel.

Downside? It’s crap.

*     *     *

So, here’s what is possibly the worst scam I’ve ever seen.

Back in November 2008 Second Chef and I were walking through Manners Mall and we spot a great big sandwich board on a trailer being drawn on by Otis Frizzell and some other dude. It’s much the same as you see in this YouTube. There’s some music, and the geezers are drawing a great big picture much the same way as in this Nokia advert.

Makes sense right? Big Nokia promotion, so we get some locals to draw a big picture just like in the ad. Sweet as.

Next to the canvas are a bunch of minions in Nokia t-shirts wandering about handing out entry forms, and you can win a satchel made from the Otis drawing. Even better! Second Chef and I get entry forms, enter, and wait.

Then, a few weeks later, Second Chef gets a call stating that she has won a bag! Much jubilation! and I spend three or four weeks trying to convince her that she doesn’t need the bag, and should let me keep it. As you’d expect.

But… the satchel never turns up.

Then last week we try phoning up Vodafone and asking, WTF? This was of course our first mistake. Because while we both thought Vodafone were the ones making false promises to us, this was not the case. Unless anyone else out there remembers this promotion, and whether Vodafone were involved. If they weren’t, my apologies to the highly amicable Paul Brislen over at Vodafone, who I politely hassled…

The next step is phoning Nokia, but they disavow all knowledge! Even though we sent them the YouTuve with their logo all over it. So… we ask ourselves, what in the hell is going on?

A quick interweb search reveals only this social networking site, where some people state they have also been contacted about the satchels, but none have shown up.

All very mysterious, right?

Naturally my paranoid mind jumps to SCAM! But they didn’t actually get us to part with any money, nor get us to make any promises to transfer money via Western Union. All they got from us was some contact details. Sure, these can be sold to some spammers, but the call to Second Chef’s mobile would have made that less than cost effective immediately.

So what did they actually get? Did the satchels never get made? Did the promotion “not go smoothly” for some reason?

Just plain weird really. If anyone has any information, we love to hear about it. And if you know Otis, say, WTF?!