Right, so the day before Waitangi until Tuesday Second Chef and I were taking Chef Du Plunge on the “Cry Me A River Tour”, which involved four North Island locations, numerous relatives, and much, much grumpiness. We think we’re better parents because of it.

But! Before you cry “LOOK!! Baby-blogging!!” (which I said I’d not do). This brief post is about your truly.

Here’s some great stats from the mother of I.

  • 7 months old: Walking
  • 11 months: Established reputation as an escape artiste, by using chair to climb up and unlock back door, disappear onto the grandparent’s farm.
  • 18 months old: Unlocked gate, proceeded down State Highway One on tricycle, right on the centre lane.
  • 20 months: Witnessed the starting of a tractor by farm hand, and at a later point copied. This involved a procedure known as “hot-wiring”. Fortunately I wasn’t taught how to put it in gear.
  • 26 months: Broke into a piggery, stole two piglets (one under each arm). Proceeded down State Highway One, piglets screaming like all hell has broken loose, “to show Nanny theĀ  piggies.”

It’s going to be an interesting couple of years.

I’m thinking that leaving out food colouring will probably be insufficient.