Donald does have a few inheritances from his grandad… But they are not particularly meaningful.

Instead, Donald inherited something else, something that he would regard as much deeper and more meaningful than a mere set of objects… Donald inherited from his family his relationship to work, a relationship that he could and did constantly build on, and expand and make part of himself. His was a family that involved itself very deeply in what they did, and it didn’t matter much if this was formal paid labour or the informal work of domestic life. Whether as builders or in cooking, they threw themselves into the activity, and in large measure what they did was what they became.

For Donald, this is the key to his relationship with both his job and his home… He loves his work and sees it as a craft…

No-one would consider a buyer for a retail chain as a craftsman. Yet I have no hesitation in using this term to describe what Donald is.

Daniel Miller. Portrait Twelve, “Making a Living”, in The Comfort of Things. Polity Press. 2008