I’ve heard that one of the reasons New Zealand is that a lot of people of low skills have entered the workforce over the past 5 or  6 years. Things have been pretty good, so all kinds of dopes have been getting jobs when they may well have been unemployable before. But, they get hired on lower wages. When thousands are employed like this, it drags one measure of productivity down.*

This is my only rational explanation for the idiot who likes to use a leaf-blower outside our place early on the weekends.

Now, leaf-blowers by themselves can be a fairly effective means of street-cleaning. I’ve used them myself to tidy up gardens and the like. The trick though, and you can probably guess this one, is that there are a couple of situations where they don’t work particularly well.

The first is when the leaves are really wet. They stick to the ground, and no amount of cold air being blasted at them will move them.

The second is when it’s really windy. All you’re doing is moving the leaves out into the wind to be blown christknowswhere.

This leaves me wondering then what kind of idiot the Wellington City Council is contracting to street clean? This moron is out there, on a number of occasions, with a leaf-blower, at FIVE AM, in a half-gale?


I’ve taken to calling noise control. One day he was out there after a howling storm, and I’d seen paper and assorted crap all over the street when I’d walked home the previous night. So after working on the street for about an hour, you’d think he’d tidied it real sweet.

Nope. Worse than the night before.

Again, where the hell the City Council finds these munters is beyond me. So I say, BRING BACK BRUSHES AND SHOVELS!!

*No economics arguments in comments… this explanation will do.