I was looking for the book to which Escapement is a sequel, and found this on the shelf. After briefly reading the cover I thought it might be worth a read.

And… once I got used to the idea of s@do-m@chistic dwarves, the rise of Old Gods, and a gothic metropolis called The City Imperishable I thought… this wasn’t actually just a copy of Ambergris. And in fact, is something very different, and very interesting, and something I should share.

Trial of Flowers is an ‘urban fantasy’ of three protagonists who find themselves in a city rapidly falling into chaos. Old Gods are returning, terror stalks the streets at night, and there is no-one to defend the citizens. You see, the last Imperator left with the army centuries before, and will not return.

As I say, the predilections of the some of the characters where actually rather surprising, but I found them actually contributing to the plot by the end pages, and a plot it is. Like Ambergris The City Imperishable is written with a dark, dark history, and untold gothic roots.