Somewhere on the web there will be a recipe for making the BBQ pork buns, but who has time for that just at the minute? A man needs sustenance though, and you can buy these buns by the 8 from the Waitangi Markets for about $8. That’s some good snacking.

Now you could just micorwave these things, but where is the fun in that?! Plus, microwaving always creates an unevenly warmed bun. Which I always find is a bit of a tongue-burning minefield…

I’m making two of these, in these handy little bamboo steam baskets from a local “Asian” market.

This literally takes five minutes, and the buns come in different varieties, including red bean (i.e. vegetarian)

The one trick here is not to use too much water. You want the pot (or wok) to have enough water to create steam, but not enough for it to boil up and soak the bottom bun. This means only a few millimetres of water. Then, drop in a basket, and pop a bun in it.

Then, pop repeat with the other bun, and put the lid on it.

Switch the heat on to about a medium, then wait. And that’s it.

The way to tell if the buns are cooked is to wait for the smell. The bamboo gives off a particular smell. If you can’t figure that one out, then wait till the tiny bit of water has simmered off. That’s actually a *great* indication to stop.

Then, just disassemble the stack, and you’re away.

This is one of those great snacks. I love them.