I’m trying to write fewer reviews, but this one was such a surprise I thought I’d better share it.

Escapement is a steampunk/fantasy novel set in 1901 planet Earth. But… and there’s always a but, the world is girded by a massive wall that circles the equator. The Victorian Empire, ascendent in the West, is trying to drill a hole through the wall to find the undiscovered Southern Lands, but they’re opposed by the “magic” of the colossal brasswork in the sky.

So naturally you have lots of British Redcoats and Fuzzy-wuzzies to write about.

Initially the idea was so implausible I found it hard to engage. That, and the writer appeared to be making up lots of words to describe things, which is a death-knell for scifi and fantasy.

But then I realised it was Portuguese…

If you need a decent summer break read, I’m running this one back to the library this morning. Recommended.