So you look at the photo on the right and you think, “wow… someplace exotic, maybe… dunno… Bondi?” and you’d be wrong. This is in fact the flash new premises for Wellington Base Hospital.

The new premises are very nice, spacious, clean, and generally wonderful. They’ve (maybe?) torn down a C19th building which was likely infested with roaches and rodents, and put up a shiny new edifice replete with lovely trees, and an exterior that will age like a cougar on a sunbed.

That said, it’s a dramatic improvement on what we used to have, right?

Yup. Right.

The one thing we all have to hope is that the hospital does next is refurbish some of it’s older facilities. Or, at very least, wash them.

These photos are of the Riddiford Building, which sits just behind and to the left of the new base hospital if you’re facing it from the street.

It’s actually not a bad old building, and only really suffers because the hospital seems to prefer to put it’s funding into crazy things like “staffing”, and “patient care”. But even taking that into account, letting these places fall to pieces isn’t doing anyone any favours. If I’ve learned anything from the many trips to the hospital over the last couple of years it is that a decent surrounds makes the trip all that much easier.

But this building? Eeeesh.