This says it all.

Awhile back on PA System there was a discussion of mental health service in New Zealand generally, and my main impression was that the mental health system here in Wellington, our capital, is in a word, woeful.

It angers me that a young man like Finn can “slip through the cracks” in a system that is supposed prevent the unnecessary deaths of bright young men. My own experience of Wellington’s system is that woeful is almost too weak a word, with it taking an expert outside the country to provide me with something like a diagnosis on the basis of reading this blog.

That makes me extraordinarily lucky.

Finn wasn’t anywhere near as lucky. He was new to a city with a useless, third-rate health system with poor communication, second-rate medical professionals, and a half-arsd approach to medical care.

It is nothing less than a disgrace that our Capital City continually fails people. It angers me, and it should anger you too. If any one of you reading this lives here in the Wellington region then you too could fall prey to the buffoons supposed to be taking care of us. And don’t give me the “but I had great treatment” line. If you had, think yourself lucky. Having sat in *a lot* of medical rooms and spoken to *a lot* of other people waiting for treatment, then clumsy mistakes and poor treatment is something of the norm here.

And in Finn’s case, it was fatal.

And what’s worse? There is absolutely nothing that you and I can do about. These fckers publish a report, slap each other on the wrist with a wet bus ticket, issue a weak, meaningless apology, and move on to their fat, fcking salaries… And I’m ANGRY. I’m sick of the excuses and I’m sick of hearing tales like this. I’m sick of waiting for someone to tell me something someone on the other side of the world could work out from 600 words on the internet.

Capital and Coast DHB you are FCKING USELESS. If there is ANYTHING that I’m thankful for, it is that I’m not as vulnerable as Finn was…