Well, my advice today is for you to do two things.

  1. Buy some earplugs, turn off any TVs you may have, and ignore the international sections* of the newspaper
  2. Write a big note and plaster it to your fridge. The note should read “New Zealand General Election, 8 November 2008: I MUST VOTE”

The earplugs are to block out the week of media puffery we’re about to get in relation to that overseas election. The note is to remind yourself that we have one too, lest people getting overwhelmingly gushy about that other election causes you to forget.

And my recommendation on which party to vote for?

Whoever the hell you like! This is a democracy and you’re welcome to think for yourself. There are plenty of parties to chose from, so knock yourself out.

*Heh. Just kidding, I know none of our newspapers carry actually international news.