Look, I know it’s been days since this particular and despicable bit of racism happened, but it’s been grinding on my conscience and I simply can’t stay quiet any longer. I know about the Code of Conduct and I know that the election period is not a time when someone like me should be making any comment at all. But, I figure I’m not actually able to vote for the guy directly, so hitting out at a right-wing sonofabitch doing something this appalling should pass beneath the radar. Or at least I hope.

Once again, I know that this is inappropriate, but so are this guy’s actions. Racism is a very serious issue in our society, and when someone who is considered an influence on how we do things here in New Zealand makes an outright racist gesture like this you have to speak up. If you normalise this type of action among your political leaders then you pretty quickly get to the point where the man in the street sees it as acceptable. As it is we have young Kiwis all over the world mimicking this type of thing, and seeing a prominent right-wing leader having a wee go as well reinforces to them that it’s also ok to do it at the pub, or at sports matches, or in the street. And frankly, I’m fucking sick of it. Who the hell does this guy think he is? Not only is he making himself look like an ass, he’s embarrassing everything about the culture and people he’s mocking.

I mean, do you think it’s alright? Do you? Do you think it’s ok for a political leader of any ilk to do something like this and we all just sit back, act chillaxed, and say, “meh”?

Because it is not alright goddamnit. Every single time a mainstream leader does something like this it undermines everything that minorities have fought for over the last 50 years. And they should know better. Doing something like this reminds minorities just what their place in society really is. Something to be mocked and talked down to. Something to patronised. A culture to be appropriated and dragged out on stage in a clumsy display that embarrasses both them and the person performing the act so incredibly badly.

So I’m speaking up and saying that enough is enough. I’m taking a stand here on this blog and saying that none of us. Not you. Not I. Not anyone should take this sitting down. We must speak up. We must raise our voice and shout down the conformists and the apologists. We must raise our voices and say NO!! This cannot be allowed to happen. Other right-wingers might think it’s OK, but the Left has to take a stand and must a stop to this disgraceful and shameful behaviour immediately.

So I need you to join with me and put a stop to the likes of the a photo so disgraceful I had to hide it over the jump. SO SHOUT IT OUT WHEN YOU READ IT!!


on the other hand, doesn't it look a bit like the old boy's trying to resist grabbing Obama's bum? heh. "must... not... steal... wallet... ack!"