Got along to the Penthouse, the only place in town that’s showing the film, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m thinking that the history buff in me is a sucker for these things.

Mongol is the story of the early life of Ghengis Khan, and it sweeps through his life from age nine to his ascension to the ruler of all the nomadic Mongol clans. And it’s quite the mystical, and bloodthirsty, journey.

The real star of the film is likely the be the landscape, which sits above and beyond the characters, drawing the viewer into the panorama. Amazing, and *big* are words that spring to mind. Otherwise the film is pretty much your standard hero story as retold in any number of countries. You know, boy loses crown, must reclaim it. Knowing that Genghis goes on to conquer kingdoms from China to Europe kind of gives away the ending, but as with all these things it’s all about the journey itself.

So get yourself all the way the hell up the hill into Brooklyn and watch this one. Well worth the $3 bus fare, and you can walk back down the hill for the exercise!