Well, what I’ve learned recently is that you simply can’t get any kind of great idea up and running without spending your hard-earned cash.

Way back in late 2002 and early 2003 I had an idea for a website that allowed academics and research students to put their CVs online. They’d be of interest to other students or academics and journalists. I bought the address “ExpertMatchMaker.com” and looked for someone to help me put the idea up. I even upgraded my old PC to run XP and downloaded a bittorrented version of Dreamweaver.

But, nothing doing. Who was to know that a few years later LinkedIn and Facebook would be, you know, *huge*.

Maybe 18 months ago I was pestering everyone I knew with more than 5 mins of experience to help me work on my latest idea. What I’d noticed is that what is missing from blogs and sites is the ability to know objectively how well thought of a particular writer is. You can always spend a little time reading a site, its comments, and its general feel and you can get an idea, but I thought it would be great to be able to just glance at a logo or number and get an indication of what you’re in for.

Furthermore, you could use the mechanism you’d need to understand reputation and influence to track who’s reading someone, and rate the influence of their readers and therefore the writer’s influence as well.

I’d planned to call it “Audience” or “Hubbub”.

But there was no interest from anyone for ages, until Miramar Mike got onboard and we started hunting out people.

What we soon learned is that trying to motivate people without fronting cash is damn near impossible. The idea was good, but no developer in town would stick at it

And then the inevitable happened, and the idea has been addressed by none other than Google. And it’s pretty much exactly what I’ve been trying to get people to listen to…

Goes to show.

Pretty fucking frustrating really.