Right, awhile back I got most of the way through the photos for a food blog and the camera packed up. Which was frustrating because I was making some extremely delicious chicken fried rice. So after a work colleague sold me a digital camera real cheap I repeated the recipe, and here it is. The phrase “just like a bought one” should spring to mind when you finish.

This recipe is simple beyond explanation, and can be made vegetarian by swapping out the chicken for tofu, or some other ingredient.

All you’ll need is rice, which you would have steamed earlier and left to sit and dry out a little. Even better, you’ll be using left-over rice from another meal. You’ll also need frozen mixed vegetables, your meat, and eggs.

You’ll also be glad to know that you only need one gas or electric hob to make this meal! That saves on power and space.

And we’re away!

The first thing to do is put the wok on to heat, and add a little oil. While this is heating to a medium-high temperature, break an egg (or an egg and a half) per person into a bowl.

Whisk the eggs lightly, then add to the warm wok. What you’re not doing here is cooking the hell out of it. Just cook it enough for the eggs to set.

And there’s the trick. The eggs will start to ‘set’ into a hard mass, which means you lift them out of the wok with your wooden or slotted spoon, and transfer them to a waiting bowl.

Once the egg is cooked, chuck the chicken/tofu/pork into the still-oily wok and fry until it is only just cooked through, then add it to the bowl with the already-cooked egg.

And then the important bit. Remove the wok from the heat and scrub it under hot water, cleaning all the oil and little bits of egg and meats away. Then return it to the heat, let it dry fully, and add more oil. This is important because you want a nice clean flavour in your fried rice, and little burnt bits of egg or chicken will spoil the overall effect.

Once the oil has begun to heat up again you want to start building the dish. So, add a cup or so of frozen veges. The amount depends on how much you want in the rice, and isn’t too important. Stir it around in the wok until the veges are most definitely thawed, and beginning to warm, then chuck in your rice, and stir the dish continuously.

This bit is important, but not rocket science. Just stir the thawed vegetables into the rice until the whole lot is warm, and the rice begins to fry a little. But not a lot. You aren’t browning the rice, just frying it gently to warm it up again.

Finally, reintroduce the egg and chicken. They shouldn’t have cooled down any, so just add them to the dish, and fold them in gently. If you really get your arm into it and stir round and round like a madman, the egg will break up and make everything extremely stink. Instead, just lift the rice from the bottom of the dish over the egg and chicken, and repeat until the egg and chicken is well-mixed in but not completely broken up. It’s a little tricky, but you’ll be a star, I know it.

And that’s it! Once this is all combined serve and flavour with fish or soy sauce, as depicted. It’s a great dish and extremely simple. As they say, just like a bought one.