Ah Wellington, city of art, culture, and architecture.

Look at this snap of the City to Sea fountains for example. It’s a lovely water feature that runs from up near the pyramid thingy, and down towards the Michael Fowler centre.

During the summer you can see kids jumping up and down in it on the hot days, and it gives off a wonderful sound of falling water.

Lovely, right.

Nope. This fountain is a civic disgrace, and it and a few other things around town need to be either sorted out of gotten rid of.

The fountain is disgusting. Half the time it’s switched off because it’s clogged with algae or crap, and they’re constantly working on it.

Frankly, everyone who pays rates in this city should be alarmed that they’re paying good money for this monument to bad planning, and that it’s allowed to stay.

They should either:

  1. demolish the whole thing and plant actual gardens
  2. sort out some kind of self-cleaning system similar to Waitangi Park.

So what am I complaining about?

And this is the fountains looking relatively clean. Probably the fact that they haven’t run water through it for weeks now.

Nice to see the seagull having a nice time though.

With any kind of luck this disgrace will be taken away from us, and soon.