First of all I’d like to introduce a new site set up to remind you of all those days drinking bad beer in the Bay of Plenty.

Yetiboil has a huge back-catalogue of 80s and 90s Hamilton bands, and, most pleasingly, the MP3s of the Rotovegas band, the Boogadaggas. I had the Daggas on tape thru the 90s, but it got knicked out of the car in Melbourne… the fkcers.

Strangely, the tape must have stretched because the Daggas are a lot higher and faster than I remember!

Second, I want to direct you all to a new site set up by Stephen Judd and myself. The blog currently known as Frugal Me will mirror some of the content off this site, and is being written for all you cheap-skates out there who like to save money.

At present we aren’t too sure about the name. Alternatives include Cheap As, and The Farmer’s E-Market.

We’re also looking for guest posters. If you have frugal ways you want to share with the world, then let us know.