Ever since seeing Crouching Tiger I’ve been a bit of a sucker for wire-fu, and The Promise was a surprising find on the shelf at the local DVD store.

The film is myth about a small girl who is approached by a goddess after scavenging on a battlefield. She is offered beauty and riches, but only if she accepts to never be able to hold onto any man who loves her. Sounds a bit lame, right? Well it would be if the film wasn’t so much fun. The characters are either quirky or ridiculous, and the acting just the right amount OTT. All in all the film is like watching an incredibly highly detailed Mandarin opera, with huge CGI.

As a myth the story-line is remarkably well versed, and contains all the cautionary tales and predictable twists and turns you’d expect from such. Fortunately this film is able to carry it off with a sumptuousness that is, as I say, just the right amount OTT.