I made a very quick stab at this here, but I think you need a few more details. Plus, this recipe started out as Stir-fry Rice but the camera died…

So, steaming rice is very simple, but also very complicated. All you need is one half cup of any type of rice per person, a pot, and some water. The great thing about this version is that the rice will be fairly ‘dry’, and not saturated and ‘gluggy’ like boiled rice. Even better, it uses far less energy to make, so saves on fuel when you have very little.

Steamed rice can be used for lots of dishes, and not just ‘Asian’ food. You can add cumin seeds when you’re steaming it, or sultanas, or a little turmeric/saffron for colour. It’s just blimmin great and always extremely delicious. Here I’ve used jasmine rice.

Start by putting the rice into a pot and adding a little water. Not too much, and this is the tricky part. You want to only put the water in to cover the rice to the depth of your thumbnail. That’s all. It’ll take a bit of experimentation to get it exactly right, but regardless of how much rice you use, that’s always how much water you’ll need. 

Just fill the pot until the water is one thumbnail above the level of the rice. Simple. Then, put it onto the stove, and bring it to the boil. Once it boils, immediately turn it down to a very low simmer. Simmer for about two minutes, then switch off the heat and cover the pot with a couple of tea-towels.

Then leave the rice to stand for 20 mins, or thereabouts. Once the rice is ready you can whip it with a fork to let off the excess steam, and voila, steamed rice, ready to be added to any dish.

Such as fried rice… But I can show you that another day.