Since attending a course a week or so back I’m now an accredited Cognitive Edge Practitioner, which is an honour I’d hang next to the other degrees. And I’m not taking teh mickey there. CE practice is a highly interesting methodology that a colleague and I are discussing the applicability of in relation to our research and evaluation work. If it lives up to it’s promise, it could present some very useful data for our workplace.

But we’re not here to discuss work. I’m cogitating an idea about an area that wasn’t highly discussed in the CE accreditation, and will try to tease out a little further before putting it up here, and/or outlining it on the Cognitive Edge site.

CE is a method that simplifies understanding how leaders can and do make decisions in organisations. But it doesn’t appear to conceptualise the “time-dimension” of that decision-making process. I think there is a distinction process followed by leaders in all five of the areas the CE framework creates. This process is common to all leaderships, and only varies in the voracity of its application and the duration of it’s effects.

I’ll do a little more thinking/sketching, and then run it out for comment.