So a few thoughts before I duck out to this day’s conference.

  1. “Seasonal vegetables” on any menu will almost always mean, “broccoli; maybe something else from a tin”
  2. “Adult shops”. I know they always have beautiful people on the advertising outside them, but do you think beautiful people actually buy that kind of stuff? On average I mean? Humans are somehow coded to always go for the best-appearing mate, so presumably beautiful people are always excited about seeing each other. So why would they need the products of an adult shop?
  3. The Pope: Aussies are currently demonstrating how much they crave attention. OTOH, they’re also strangely hypocritical. The same displays in Pakistan would be called “religious fanaticism”.
  4. “Tank food” in Asian restaurants. People love looking in the tanks, then appearing appalled, then looking at Asian shop-owners like they’re “inhumane”. But… how about we park some cattle in the front window, slaughter them with a bolt-gun to the cranium, then serve it up on a plate? Or maybe have some chickens up there being force-fed hormones and yellow dyes before we eat them. You sanctimonious assholes…
Nothing more. Carry on.