The good news is that I’m off to a knowledge management conference in Melbourne, which is as might you know an old haunt of mine. The gooder news is that Wellington Airport kindly provides free wifi (unlike the “big city” Auckland”), so I’m able to tell about it. The bad news is that I’ve only ben back in Wellington for two nights and am already heading out somewhere again!

I barely had my feet on the ground.

But, I’m genuinely looking forward to this conference. There’s a stack of interesting-looking papers being presented, and I should be able to pick up a few really interesting research/evaluation techniques to add to the toolkit. And did I mention it’s in Melbourne?

The only other bad news is that I’m planning an adventure out into the wilds of Eastern Victoria. Back when I was studying I promised that I’d bring a copy of my thesis back to the people I was getting research data from, and despite having tried to find someone to post it to I’ve ben unlucky. Consequently I’m heading to the conference early, shelling out for a car, and driving 5 hours to what was once an Aboriginal prison Mission Station to try track down some people I once knew. Should be an interesting trip. For one thing I’m not sure a single person there will recognise me.

Otherwise? Planning on checking out some old haunts, chasing up some old friends, and generally relaxing until the conference is well over.

I’ll try to blog, but of course it depends on finding wifi. And if prices are anything like the $10 per hour those pirates at Starbucks charge, I’ll not being doing a lot of that…