Well, it’s been a long few days. Got back from Auckland last night after attending an extremely long knowledge management course with Dave Snowden from Cognitive Edge. Basically this involved listening to Dave outlining theory and practice in the field. And while Dave is personable, funny, and engaging, we’re talking about *a lot* of listening.

Problematically, I’m a socratic learner. I need to converse and thereby reinforce what I’m hearing.

Consequently, I think a lot might have gone over my head. Fortunately I had a colleague there who I can spend the next couple of weeks arguing out the points with… I should have assimilated it all sooner or later.

Other highlights included staying at Quest on Mount, which had the worst internet in creation, and generally being deprived of the interwebs at all for the full three days. This was made up for by the food in central Auckland being much better than Wellington. Even the cheap and cheerful was better quality.

Oh, and checking into the hospital for a morning with a repetition of the heart trouble, and being patronised by all an sundry.