Why is it that pregnant women are seen as a collective property? Something that popped up over at the Ex-expat was a (possibly) well-meaning chap not offering a pregnant woman a glass of wine.

You’d like to think that this was because he’s being socially conscious, and considering the well-being of the child. But as I said in the comments over there, it’s more likely that a pregnant woman is a communal property that needs to be protected.

While I can see that this is probably a good thing, and likely has a deeply-rooted genetic cause (perpetuation of the species and all that), it’s kind of annoying and often patronising.

The first thing that I’ve struck since making the impending fatherhood known is the offering of much, varied, and voluminous advice. From everyone. And all the time. It seems that since breeding is the one thing near-every human being has in common, people are all too bloody willing to share their tips and tidbits to ensure that you don’t make the same screw-ups they did…

And to be honest, I’m starting to find it all a little tedious. But everyone is so damn well-meaning. You want to say, “look… just piss off with your nappies stories… you’re turning me into a blogger who discusses [even more] trivia.” But what kind of bastard is going to talk to someone like that?

If the slough of helpful but ultimately unhelpful advice and ‘words to the wise’ continue? Maybe me.