Sunday, June 29th, 2008

I’ll have to be honest and state that after the reading about the urban corridor I’ve done I’ve decided not to make a submission to the Council. Primarily this is because I’ve been becoming increasingly convinced that it’s entirely a waste of time and effort.

The Corridor plan centres on the idea of turning a swathe of city stretching from Johnsonville to Kilbirnie into high-density urban corridor (hence the name). But the plan itself doesn’t seem to want to allow this to occur. I say this because the emphasis is on effective transport along the corridor. And ‘effective transport’ is, by all direct indications, personal transport.

The main example is the councils willingness to entirely ignore the improvement of public transport in favour of roading that will encourage the use of personal transport. There is some intention to provide dedicated bus lanes, but these are for diesel buses. 

Why this makes me think that the urban corridor idea is precluded by the the types of transport the plans lean towards. Personal transport tends to push people out towards the further suburbs. And the type of public transport they’re favouring is extremely noisy and polluting. Why would anyone like in a high-density urban area that is noisy and polluted when they can easily drive in from the burbs?

I could go on. As I say, the plan is a dog’s breakfast, and the Council was entirely willing to entirely ignore the push for public transport in the form of clean, (relatively) quiet light-rail despite it being the overwhelming preference in the last round of consultation.

So, bugger it. The Council can get the city it deserves.


Well, this is the one and only photo of this wee tacker that will ever appear on this blog.

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