StarterIf there’s one meal I love it’s scrambled eggs. Poached is my favourite, but damned if I can make a decent one, and fried is also good, but it’s no good for the heart. Scrambled though? Extremely delicious.

Eggs are usually cheap. We get ours from the local markets, and they’re probably from chickens so densely packed in the barn they have trouble manoeuvering the three feet they need to to get their estrogen-enhanced feed. But, all we need them for is their eggs, right?

Anyhow. All you need for this meal is eggs, as many as you like (I like three), some butter, and some milk. If you’re still freaking out about dairy prices then you probably might as well give up now, because I use about a tablespoon of butter, and at least 50ml of milk. Scarey, aeh?

Also, I noticed that these photos where a little too dark, so I photoshopped some of them. Let me know if they’re a bit hakari.

The first thing to do is cut a tablespoon of butter and put it in a pot. Put the element on a low heat, just enough to melt the butter and have it sizzle a little. Not much.

Next, cut your Rewena bread, and pop it in the toaster. Easy.

So by now the butter should have melted, and you can go ahead and add your eggs. As I say, I like to eat three. It’s just about the right amount for me. Once the eggs are in, add a little milk. Not too much mind, just enough to make the eggs a little lighter. Too much milk and the eggs won’t thicken well, will be runny, etc.

Once the eggs and milk are in the pot, add a healthy dose of salt, and stir the mixture. The secret to good fluffy scrambled eggs is to not let them sit for too long. Usually the time it takes you to walk over to the toaster and back is enough. Make sure you dig up the cooked eggs from the bottom of the pot, and mix them in.

As you can see above, the eggs thicken gradually, and then you have a relatively dry mix. Once they’re like this your toast should have popped. Butter it (if you need a picture for that then… you worry me a little). Arrange your eggs in the toast, add some late season tomatoes, and you’re away. Extremely delicious, and just the thing for a cold winters morning.